NTMPI Utility

With extensive functionality woven into our products and services, it serves as a versatile payment mechanism. Whether procuring Ad Credits, Access Node NFTs, or domains, $NTMPI facilitates transactions with ease.

Payment & Discounts

Paying with $NTMPI in timpi’s eco-system enables you to get discounts on web index data, node sales, search engine ads and domain sales.

DePIN Governanace Framework

As a holder of $NTMPI, you have the power to influence Timpi's data governance, actively participating in the decision-making process.

Staking and Rewards

$NTMPI is the native token of the Neutaro blockchain, enabling validator staking and providing utility for decentralized applications (Dapps).

Buy Backs

Buy backs are a core part of our economic model. In Timpi’s token economic model, buybacks serve as a foundational pillar, strategically employed to enhance the ecosystem’s stability and value proposition. Through a systematic approach, Timpi allocates revenues generated from various streams such as advertising, data API access, node sales, and domain sales to repurchase its native tokens from the secondary market.

This process not only demonstrates Timpi’s commitment to its community by actively supporting token liquidity but also creates a symbiotic relationship between platform growth and token value. As Timpi’s ecosystem expands and its revenue streams flourish, the allocated funds for token buybacks increase, further bolstering demand and liquidity in the secondary market.

Search Engine Specific Utility

Ad Credits

By introducing the functionality of the Timpi Ad-Credit system, Timpi can offer all advertisers a better way to predictably manage the cost and control functions of their marketing budget. Integrating the ad credit system into TImpi's tokenomic framework is a key component of facilitating truly global access to every Advertisers target audience.

Advertisers will be able to convert their Timpi tokens into advertising credits either at the time of purchase (Standard advertisers) or at strategic times out of their staked tokens (Premium Advertisers).

For standard advertisers they will be able to purchase credits through a business-to-business fiat transaction that locks in a marked to market value held by the Timpi Ad- Credits of the time of purchase.. This provides a seamless non-crypto experience for Advertisers wanting to pay for search advertising services via fiat-based transactions (This option is available for any client that is required or desires to do so for whatever reason, including those who are simply still a bit unfamiliar with the concepts and mechanics of conducting business through blockchain channels).

Premium Advertisers (those advertisers who purchase and hold Timpi Tokens directly) will be able to convert Tokens from their stake into Timpi Ad-credits at any time they wish either to immediately deploy (spend) to a keyword search transaction or alternatively to be stored as credit for use in future campaigns. By deploying resources strategically during natural fluctuations in the market price, opportunistic advertisers can capture and store potential future value and provide themselves with an unmatched degree of reliable and predictive transparency in the budget, and implementation of their marketing campaigns.

Standard advertisers do not need any prior blockchain experience to use our platform. They will use Fiat that will be converted into Timpi tokens and at the same time they will receive their ad-credits. The conversion from Fiat to Timpi tokens will be done by a third party and will happen in the background processes without them needing a wallet.

Demonstrated in the flowchart below, All advertising will be purchased in the Timpi token. They will be used to purchase ad credits which are then drawn down as the ads are displayed and clicked.

Search Ads

Timpi will not be placing advertising in search results. We want our results to be purely based on relevance, accuracy and trust. Therefore, we will be displaying advertisements on the side of the search results in a nonintrusive manner. All placements will be payable in TImpi tokens.

Website Ads

3rd parties will have the ability to place Timpi advertising content on their websites and earn Timpi from their visitors. All placements will be payable in Timpi tokens.

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