Democratized Governance

The Timpi search engine is a community-driven and governed platform. People who hold the Timpi token have voting rights on how the search engine is developed and how the content is monitored.

This is done through a multi-stage voting system called the TAG, Timpi Autonomous Government, which is embedded into the Cosmos Governance mechanism:

• The Dialog Club allows all individuals to participate in the generation of ideas that inform the direction and way Timpi evolves. This group is a source of individual community participation and interactions for exploring different perspectives and an avenue for everyone to have a voice and participate in brainstorming/generating ideas. It is also an opportunity for all individuals to exercise their expertise and participate in planning and discussions.

• The Governance Chamber makes final decisions on significant directional and policy matters after consensus moves the idea to this group from the Focus Collective level. The Governance Chamber needs to reach a majority vote to approve or decline requests.

• The Administrative Group coordinates the implementation of plans and activities approved by the Governance Chamber.

In conclusion, building a decentralized search engine comes with unique challenges, which Timpi is solving by implementing a core controller structure, where its components work together to ensure security, anonymity, and efficient search results. Timpi's proprietary and unique decentralization network enables us to compete globally within a monopolized industry.

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