The Solution

Our platform is offering society a better way for everyone to reclaim their intrinsic rights to be able to interact and utilise the Internet freely.

Timpi is re-empowering people to access information on their terms for their individual ends; without any accompanying stow-away interests which are leveraged upon society as a hidden cost of utilising our services. This is not to say that Timpi is in a purely altruistic capacity. We simply believe that achieving our commercial aims does not require the sacrifice of our users' interests or society's intrinsic rights and freedoms.

Timpi is achieving more than advocation of a worthy mission;

• It is facilitating the ability to provide users with the only current pathway to reclaim their rightful access to objective information

• Ensuring that we are no longer treated as wards under renumerated care, pretending that they are sheltering us from the world and its realities for our "benefit" and society's "own good"; erstwhile knowingly propagating our naivety and farming us like mushrooms.

The only way for Timpi to succeed in this mission is to raise awareness, capture search engine market share, and provide enhanced utility at large.

Regardless of their manifest effect, the fortunate timing of the anti-trust acts will have a force multiplying effect on our marketing and awareness efforts. A population educated on the practices and actions of Big Tech will inevitably drive the usage of Timpi.

By providing the same utility, but without the hidden costs and sacrifices that come from the obfuscated agendas as per the modus operandi of Google, Timpi will drive usage.

By operating and commoditising an open and alternative independent web index, we will be able to help wrestle control from Google and influence the search engine market at large.

No matter how you view the market landscape, Timpi's value proposition will capture market share and propagate the diminishment of Big Tech's influence on society and thereby solving the problems which we have presented here

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