Access NFT's

Timpi will make available a series of access NFTs that will be used to access the application that contribute to our network. The NFT will be on sale on the Timpi NFT marketplace.

There will not be any restrictions on the use of NFTs, and consumers will be able to use them to run the network applications or just hold them in their wallets for future resale. Our platform protocol TAP will automatically release a new NFT based on the demand on the network.

For each application, there are two types of NFT, one that rewards the user for their contribution and one that has a nominal cost but allows someone to contribute to the network without receiving rewards.

• Collector will be used to access the Collectors App (crawls for web data)

• Guardian will be used to access the Guardian App (stores web data)

• Geo-core will be used to access the Geo-core App (coordinates data)

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