The Future

In the future, Timpi will be recognized as a champion of decentralized technology, the right of information access and to keep their data secure. Timpi's tireless advocacy for decentralized technology and democratising data will have contributed to a significant shift towards more democratic, equitable, and secure systems.

As the use of decentralized technology becomes more widespread, Timpi will be at the forefront of this movement, promoting and building these technologies in various sectors, including data markets, social platforms, and application development.

The emergence and development of data markets, characterized by monopolization and data hoarding by big tech companies endows Timpi the unique and prescient opportunity to provide the necessary data inputs that allow for a competitive and innovative AI market.

Right now, Timpi is poised to offer the data sets to emerging AI businesses and beyond, at this critical time where the current market is undersupplying or outright denying such firms. The significance of this capability cannot be understated; our commitment to a democratized exchange will help level the playing field and maximize the social utility derived from a healthy artificial intelligence marketplace.

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