Phase 1 - Web3

Utilize the low-hanging fruit of Web3 communities

Web3 has a significant and passionate following that is built upon the principles of technology with the following attributes:

• Verifiable

• Trustless

• Self-governing

• Permissionless

• Distributed and robust

• Stateful

• Native built-in payments

The Timpi search engine is Globally available at the outset. However, we do have an opportunity to make inroads in the Web3 market, as this is where our initial audience has grown.

There is also a significant opportunity in this market as there is currently limited search engines that services this market. Timpi will provide Web3-enhanced search capabilities and focus our landing pages towards Web3 Information at initial stages.

There are currently only very limited and expensive advertising avenues for Web3 related businesses. Timpi will provide an easily accessible and inclusive advertising platform where Web3 projects will not be excluded.

Timpi's missions and goals are aligned with Web3 and decentralized technology, and we will have a captive audience. This should make Timpi the de facto advertising platform for Web3 in the initial stages.

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