The Solution - Timpi's DePIN Index

Timpi provides unparalleled data access, not constrained by traditional business models:

Extensive Web Index: Our web index covers over 5 billion domains and continues to grow at an industry-leading rate. This extensive coverage ensures that you have access to a vast and diverse array of data.

DePIN Indexing - Decentralized Infrastructure: Built in just 18 months, our proprietary decentralized node network (DePIN) revolutionizes data access and processing. By leveraging the power of community-sourced node operators, we ensure a truly low-cost, decentralized and resilient infrastructure.

Our DePIN Index is unique in that we have fractional development and operating cost than all other indexes. This is achieved through leveraging the efficiencies and capabilities of Timpi’s decentralized network.

• No centralized Big Data infrastructure

• No physically manned storage requirements

• Predictable and linear operating expenses

• Flexible scalability

Reward based eco-system: Timpi leverages Neutaro’s NTMPI token to incentivize and reward participation within our decentralized network. Node operators earn NTMPI for contributing computing power, while ecosystem users who pay with NTMPI enjoy discounts on web index data, node sales, search engine ads, and domain sales. This economic model creates a win-win situation, fostering a self-sustaining and thriving network.

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