Phase 3 - Mass Adoption

This phase is not necessarily congruent with its two predecessors.  Instead, the mass adoption phase of Timpi's rollout strategy is a priority from Day 1. However, it is more likely to come to fruition as the preceding advancements are achieved, and the momentum of the markets' realization of the true width and breadth of Timpi's potential application and utility is allowed to set in.  

Our most likely catalyst for capturing the "Ah-HA!" moment from enough of society to be likely to transition from abstract concept to specific manifestation is potentially through our capacity to gain purchase in the market via:

• Additional opportunities for mass adoption of the Timpi platform via its Web index capacities will arise from the countless enterprise service applications that the incumbent 4 index providers are currently offering.  

• Capitalize on the fractional cost of operating Timpi's Index to undercut non-search engine API Users in ancillary markets, which are much more price sensitive.

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