Presearch was founded in 2017 and is currently the only search engine that claims to be decentralized with 73k node operators supporting their network and uses cryptocurrency to reward both users and node operators their PRE tokens (ERC20) for participating.   

Their business model is based on display ads to the Presearch user base.  Presearch allows advertisers to stake their PRE tokens to a keyword and rewards the ad slot to the advertiser who stakes the highest number of tokens. 

The Presearch marketplace available on the Presearch platform can be used to buy PRE tokens. To buy the PRE tokens, users can either use Bitcoin, Ethereum, or transfer USD through wire transfer. Presearch token allocation is as follows:  

• 40 million are staked for keyword ads; 

• 100 million are staked for nodes; 

• 75 million is the reserved supply; 

• 396 million tokens are in circulation 

To date, Presearch has 4.1m registered users performing 4m daily searches. Advertisers have 13k keywords staked with 40m PRE staked  

According to, 14% of their browser traffic comes from the US, next is Venezuela at 9%, then Russia, France and Columbia. 59% of their users are male, with 41% female, with the bulk of their users in two age categories a) 18-24 yrs. old: 22% b) 25-24 yrs. old: 31%. 

There is no available information on their funding by Alpha Sigma Capital.

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