Size of opportunity

Timpi's ethical mission is a unique one within the existing search engine industry. An industry that regards its users as cogs serving the shareholders of a corporation instead of stakeholders of a complex society.

We advocate for users to reclaim their rightful access to accurate, unbiased and impartial information. The search engine user will become a ward of society. A society that has increasingly become divided into unnecessary and un-purposed camps with contradictions, falsehoods, subjective opinions, ignorance, contempt, logical fallacy, denial, and unconscious indifference.

Timpi will affect opinion by delivering information that is not curated to serve anything other than relevant truth, including all opposing views.

By providing Timpi as an alternative to Google, we have a unique advantage as we give control to the people. There is a trust factor that prevents other non-decentralised search projects from succeeding. Why should people help feed yet another Google?

With the continuous movement of the market away from the Big Tech firms to those that focus on freedom and security, Timpi is in a prime position to become a key player in the search engine market. As our market share grows, so will our Revenue, and significant Revenue will accrue with just a small market share.

Timpi is capable of, but not limited to, capturing the majority of the privacy-based search engine market within the first three years of launching its platform.

This is achievable and likely, given that Timpi's product offering is superior to any incumbent participant currently serving the privacy-based search engine market segment in every metric and function.

Viewed through the present market lens, achieving this goal would entail capturing the majority of the market share currently held by incumbent competitors such as DuckDuckGo, which last year reported an estimated 90+ million daily search queries and over $100M in annual Revenue. When factoring in the exponential user growth trending in the privacy-based search market in recent years, this snapshot is likely a significantly understated example of the attainable growth potential that Timpi rightly considers the "low hanging fruit" to initially target.

Increasing user awareness of Big Tech's abuses of power is the main factor driving growth in the privacy-based segment of the search market industry these past few years. Timpi's marketing efforts will primarily focus on capturing an ever-increasing percentage of Google and Bing's US$160 billion in advertising revenue market share by raising awareness of this reality.

These resulting effects on user behaviour present a significant and enduring driver of growth for Timpi. However, the potential for a sudden mass migration of users from Google to alternative search engines in the wake of the anti-trust legislation would be incalculable. What is certain, however, is that regardless of whether the Act is passed in its current state, the process and public discord that will ensue will provide immeasurable impetus to Timpi's growth by making society aware, en masse, of the intolerability of Big Techs abuses of power and infringements on our basic rights. This, in effect, will hold the potential to create a tsunami of enlightened users seeking the best alternative to Google, inevitably leading them to Timpi. With accelerated revenue growth will come accelerated platform development. Timpi's capacity to evolve its platform product offerings and leverage its unique competitive advantages and assets, such as its independent web index, presents almost limitless growth opportunities. The Future States section will provide a more detailed analysis of the scale of this opportunity.

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