Phase 2 - Privacy and Freedom

Target the Privacy and Freedom of Information market that has and continues to migrate away from big tech

Society's growing segment of users seeking an alternative to Google's maleficent business practices has spurred on a correlated amount of demand in users willing to migrate to an alternative platform that claims to provide any modicum of enhanced privacy and data protection.

As such, over recent years, this has afforded platforms such as DuckDuckGo and Brave (the platforms which make up the bulk of the roster of Timpi's initial peer competitors) an astounding rate of growth in both usership and Revenue over this corresponding period.

Timpi's strategy for acquiring these initial waves of defectors from Google (and indeed from the incumbent platforms of the privacy-centric market as well) will be to execute a marketing campaign touting Timpi's superior bonafide which will most clearly resonate with the growing base of Users that are already seeking the best alternative to Google's lack of Privacy & Data Protection, opaque results, and monopolistic infringements misdeeds, and motivations. The approach will be to :

• Move with expediency to initiate and execute a comprehensive marketing campaign while the market is still comprised of a relatively limited number of competing platforms (DDG, BRAVE, Presearch)

• Start with English-speaking regions and other select countries (such as in south America) in which Timpi has pre-existing strategic inroads, at present this market segment accounts for between 2-3% of global search users (increased 40% in 2021)

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