Advertising Customers

Timpi’s Advertiser penetration strategy will see mainstream adoption within 3 years.

Get ready for the advertising revolution - Timpi is leading the way with its ethical, socially responsible, and environmentally aware approach. Our innovative platform will become the go-to advertising option for businesses that prioritize their values. And that's not all - Timpi is uniquely positioned to tap into the untapped market of Web3 projects that mainstream media has shut out. With its unbiased Index and competitive pricing, Timpi is the only viable option for businesses seeking to access this market. With projected mainstream adoption within the next three years, Timpi will be a platform advertisers can't afford to ignore. Timpi has three core phases of advertiser penetration:

Web3 Projects

Timpi, at its core, is built on Web3 technologies, and our growing community are also Web3 advocates. Timpi has already gained traction in these communities and has projects seeking to advertise on our platform, representing our low-hanging fruit.

There is also a vast market where Web3 projects have been blocked from advertising by mainstream media. This has created an environment where advertising spaces are limited, and costs are high. Timpi is primed to be able to tap into this market from day Zero.

Brand aware businesses

There is currently no viable option for businesses that care about making ethical, socially responsible and environmentally aware decisions. Timpi will become the de facto advertising platform for these businesses.

Until now, there has been no other choice. Now there is, coupled with the fact that consumers are becoming more and more aware of the ethical standpoints of the search engine business, they choose to spend their money. The question will be asked: Why are you spending advertising money with Big Tech that abuses and manipulates your customers?

With Timpi, advertisers will be able to tap into the customers where values are important and thus be seen to publicly support the populist social movements towards freedom and privacy.

Mainstream Commerce

Regardless of any ethical standpoints that organizations may have, they are always seeking new avenues to access the market. Timpi will offer an alternative service at a competitive price point for organizations seeking the best ROI on their marketing dollars.

Search Engines without an Index - Timpi has one of only five actively maintained indexes in the world. Many search engines that have gained traction over the last five years use one of these indexes. As the market continues to grow, Timpi will be the only ethical, unbiased and impartial Index available worldwide.

Organizations with a brand focused on freedom of information and security will be enticed to use Timpi's Index as it is the only viable option that fits their brand identity.

In addition, marketing agencies are another key player in the advertising industry that Timpi aims to attract. Traditional marketing agencies often lack the expertise to navigate the complex landscape of Web3 technologies, leaving them unable to provide the best possible services to their clients. With Timpi's Web3-based platform and growing community of advocates, marketing agencies can now leverage the platform's unique features to offer cutting-edge advertising solutions to their clients. Furthermore, Timpi's ethical approach aligns with the growing trend among consumers to support businesses that prioritize social responsibility and environmental sustainability. As such, marketing agencies that partner with Timpi will be well-positioned to meet the evolving demands of their clients and tap into a new market of consumers who prioritize ethical values. With Timpi's market penetration strategy, it is likely that more marketing agencies will begin to adopt the platform within the next three years, further increasing Timpi's reach and impact in the advertising industry.

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