DuckDuckGo (DDG) was founded in 2008 and to date has received US $71.7m in funding, $12.4m was raised during the first seven years, with $59.3m raised since 2015.  

DDG position themselves as a privacy-based search engine and have a mobile app and extensions for Chrome, Firefox, Safari and other browsers, all with a built-in tracker-blocker. For their search results, they use Bing, Yahoo and Yandex. 

Their estimated Revenue for 2023 was $193m generated through Keyword search and non-tracking affiliate partnerships with Amazon and eBay, generated from their 35 billion 2021 search queries.  

In 2021 they held 0.61% of the global market and 2.5% of the US market, with the organization supported by 124 employees. 

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