Timpi Autonomous Protocol (TAP)

Timpi's proprietary and unique decentralized network is a key enabler to our growth and the critical primer for all of Timpi's competitive advantages it holds within the search market.

Every decentralized network faces significant challenges such as latency, availability and integrity. To address these, Timpi has developed the TAP (Timpi Autonomous Protocol) that uses the Gossip Protocol principles with the added functionality of allowing every member of the network to have an overview of the entire network and to make an autonomous decision to find and use the shortest route to the next hub (GeoCore). In addition, the network of GeoCores is self-managing and knows the load and status of each node. This allows the network to load-balance and deploy additional resources if needed. Every communication is secured through military-grade encryption and signature algorithms.

The TAP ensures that network failures are detected and balanced automatically without service interruption. Our storage nodes (Guardian) are distributed and redundant multiple times, meaning up to 75% of all regional nodes could fail without or with only minimal service impact. If that happens, nodes from the closest region will be moved automatically to compensate for the failed nodes.

Timpi's proprietary and unique decentralized network with TAP allows us to compete globally within a monopolized industry from the moment we launch. Decentralization provides fractional operating costs by requiring no capital expenditures for costly data storage, reduces human input costs, is secure and immutable, and is governed by Timpi Token holders through the Timpi Autonomous Governance (TAG).

Timpi's decentralized platform operates with fractional capital and is not hindered by the need for significant upfront capital investment in centralized infrastructure supported by large teams; we grow incrementally as our popularity grows and reward those that support the network.

The TAP network is actively used in our Beta program and has already shown its capabilities. With just four GeoCores, Timpi's decentralized network has the capacity to Index over 2 billion per week.

In addition to the above components, Timpi also leverages AI, Algorithms and Blockchain to complete our technical solution.

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