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Timpi's ethical mission is to ensure its search engine acts only as an impartial purveyor of relevant information germane only to the search parameters provided by its users. Producing search results that are objectively factual, subjectively representative, without agenda, and absent of commercially motivated intent is our overriding priority.

To achieve these ends, Timpi is creating a system that constantly monitors comparative content and anonymous search criteria through the combination of evolving AI models. Content is first passed through this for factual relevance but ultimately rated by the algorithm created by the community of users who are participants of the Timpi Autonomous Government (TAG). This ensures that society's consensus determines what information is deemed relevant and acceptable. This is in stark contrast to all other search engines, whose content is ultimately decided upon through unilateral authority held by the corporations' views and opaquely administered via algorithmic predeterminism.

This differentiation is fundamental in understanding and appreciating Timpi's superior approach.

As Swedish author Andreas Ekstrom said, ”Behind every code, there is a person." However, our team's approach is to ensure that Timpi always shows all sides and facts of a particular topic. Possessing no motive to promote any political, religious, or societal agenda, instead allowing society to choose to collaborate, curate, or find consensus on any given topic.

We, as Timpi, don't decide what is right and what is wrong; we only show all relevant and impartial factual information available to enable the people to make their own decision.

We believe that as the world's first decentralized search engine with its own search index, is innovative and will revolutionize search as we know it. We are pushing boundaries even further and are set to enhance user experience through a revolutionary approach to Timpi's search engine interface structure, strategy, and functionality. 

Innovative User Experience - Preview Function 

Increase user experience by allowing users to make better decisions on which search result to click by introducing a "preview" functionality on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) that will show never seen information and functionality.  These include, but are not limited to: 

• Preview of relevant deep links (Hours, Contacts, Key Landing Pages, etc.) 

• Preview of on-page Videos, images, or other relevant assets 

• Preview of page content overall 

• Preview of Social Channels, including Audience Insights & Activity 

• Preview of External Reviews of Site 

This holistic view allows users to make better decisions about the alternative sites to ultimately visit and will help to find answers to their search intent without having to click and leave our search engine interface.  The above approach will result in an increase in time spent on site while benefiting user experience. We will capitalize on this by introducing a new revenue stream of Cost-per-View for advertisement customers – a first for Search Engines! 

You are probably wondering why this has not been done before. The answer is simple. Google's (and all other major search engines) monetization model is based on Cost-per-Clicks only within their Search Results. Advertisers are only competing to get a click – and that is the only way for Google and others to make money, given their current model. This results in 50% of Google users clicking on their result within 9 seconds of searching. And the overall average amount of time it takes a Google searcher to click on something is only 14.6 seconds.   Timpi's revenue Model is different by having a staggered approach from Cost-per-View to Cost-per-Click. This rewards advertisers by getting their brand in front of those users who don't click on their ads in a meaningful way. They also have the benefit that users who end up clicking on their ads are better informed and qualified – instead of driving traffic (and paying for those), users who simply click on the first search listing. A win-win-win for users, advertisers, and Timpi! 

Redefining Advertising User experience

Our approach to advertising on our SERP is different than all other major search engines. We made the conscious decision to bring ads back to the right-hand side for various reasons. First, since we are not interested in generating clicks to get paid and have ads "blend in" with organic search results (like Google does), we can truly focus on providing the best and most relevant search results to our users.  

Secondly, the ads will purposely be presented in a different way and format. This will help users clearly understand the difference between ads and organic results, yet allow advertisers to present themselves in a new way. Advertisers will be able to show a prominent image on top of the ad – we believe in the old saying that an image is worth a thousand words. In the future, videos will be the next natural evolution to this.  

The image will be followed by a fully customizable headline (clickable to their landing page of choice). This is followed by a short description and customizable site deep links, that can be used as callouts (call to action).  Most importantly, we will use the same strategy Preview functionality, as described above, for organic SERP results and apply it optimized for our advertising results. Users can now click on, or hover over the ad preview icon. This action will open a very prominent and enlarged ad overlay. This ad overlay is fully manageable and customizable by the advertiser. Here, advertisers can expand on the message, value proposition, features, and benefits of their product or service. This can be done by showcasing imagery, written content, videos, products, services, infographics, customer reviews, contact information, hours, etc.  

This approach will provide users, like with the organic search result preview, a chance to further assess if the advertisement (hence the promoted service or product) is right for them and provides them with the answer or solution they are looking for. If they want to dive deeper into this, they can enter the advertisers landing page via click. Future functionality of completing a purchase or any desired action to be completed on Timpi is on our roadmap. 

Crypto-Specific Shopping Experience

We will become the world's first search engine that will allow users to find crypto-specific search results only. Think of Google's Shopping feature, which shows products that can be bought online only within a special segment of their SERP. We will allow users to tie any search intent and show results that allow payment via any cryptocurrency, regardless of if this product or service is being sold online or if they accept payment via cryptocurrency in stores etc. 

Cyber Security Alerts

Timpi's SERP will provide users with our assessment of a listed site's state of cyber security. SERP listings that passed our Cyber Security assessment will carry a Badge Icon indicating that it is safe to visit. At the same time, SERP listings that do not meet our cyber security assessment standards will carry a Badge Icon, alerting users to expect potential cyber security risks and threats if they decide to click through. The Preview feature, mentioned above, also works well in use cases where there is a potential cyber security risk or threat present. Yet, the site provides the exact information users are looking for. The preview feature will allow users to view the content of the page on Timpi's SERP without having to leave our interface, hence, avoiding any potential risk or threats to their systems or data. 

In conclusion, Timpi's new proprietary technology offers never-seen-before capabilities in indexing and search. The company's decentralised web index is a significant competitive advantage, and its impartial search results provide a unique selling proposition. Timpi's search engine interface structure, strategy, and functionality are set to revolutionise search as we know it, with a preview function that enhances user experience and introduces a new revenue stream for advertisement customers. By leveraging the efficiencies and capabilities of its decentralised network, Timpi's index offers a unique value proposition, putting users in control and allowing them to earn rewards for being part of the infrastructure.

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