Business Model

Traditional search engines rely on keyword advertising as their primary revenue model, where advertisers bid on relevant keywords and phrases. However, Timpi is revolutionizing this model by placing a high priority on both user experience and advertiser value.

Our innovative "preview" functionality on the SERP will provide users with never-before-seen information and functionality, allowing them to make informed decisions without having to leave the search engine interface. This approach not only enhances user experience but also creates a new revenue stream for Timpi through Cost-per-View advertising.

By adopting a staggered approach from Cost-per-View to Cost-per-Click, Timpi rewards advertisers by ensuring that their brand is visible to users who don't necessarily click on their ads, resulting in more meaningful interactions with their brand. This approach benefits all parties involved - users, advertisers, and Timpi.

Timpi is leading the way towards a more sustainable and user-focused revenue model in the search engine market, challenging traditional models and ensuring a better experience for all.

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