User Segments

Timpi has two core user segments; Users of Search Engines and Commercial Advertisers

There are 4.4 billion Internet users, and these users account for 5.6 billion daily searches. Timpi's user base is global, and with the search engine market looking to grow exponentially over the next seven years, we are primed to capture a section of this user base.

However, Timpi's initial target market is made up of countries where English is the first language. These countries make up about 25% of the world's Gross Domestic Product (GDP) with a GDPPC of US$49.000, which is four times higher than the global average GDPPC (GDP per capita)*.

During our market research, we identified the personas on which we will focus our rollout. These personas will affect how we design and market the Timpi search engine.

These personas are:

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