Community Guidelines

These rules are essential to ensure a pleasant and enjoyable environment within Timpi.


In order to create a positive experience for everyone, it's important that we all adhere to the same set of values. We aim to cultivate an atmosphere of respect and inclusivity, where community members interact with kindness, reflecting and enhancing the ethos and principles of Timpi.


Encouraged Behavior:

Within Timpi community channels, we encourage:

- Embracing diverse opinions and engaging respectfully in discussions.

- Respecting privacy by refraining from sharing personal information.

- Communicating with kindness and consideration.

- Sharing accurate information and verifying facts when uncertain.

- Being vigilant against misleading information and potential scams.

Unacceptable Behavior:

We ask that you refrain from:

- Engaging in personal attacks or showing disrespect toward fellow members.

- Making defamatory, false, or prejudiced statements.

- Posting inappropriate or discriminatory comments.

- Sharing NSFW content or explicit materials.

- Displaying bullying, inflammatory, or disruptive behavior.

- Engaging in spamming, unsolicited self-promotion, or repetitive questioning.

- Sharing personal, financial, or sensitive information.

- Discussing the future price of Timpi (or other cryptocurrencies), including trading references and technical analysis (TA).

- Promoting external projects or services without authorization.

- Engaging in disruptive activities in other communities or channels.

- Soliciting funds from community members.

- Posting repetitive questions that have already been answered or will not be addressed.

- Trolling in any form.

Legal Considerations:

Timpi Community Channels serve as platforms for information and community engagement, not as sources of financial, legal, or investment advice. Participation is at your own risk, and Timpi holds no liability for any consequences resulting from such participation.

Guideline Updates:

These guidelines may be subject to change. Members are responsible for staying informed about any modifications.

Reporting and Compliance:

Please report any guideline violations to a moderator. Your cooperation is crucial in maintaining a safe and positive community space. By participating in Timpi community channels, you agree to adhere to these rules. We reserve the right to moderate content and membership as necessary to uphold these guidelines.

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